Sky has paid the Commission for Communications Regulation a penalty after an investigation found that Sky failed to provide some of its customers on distance contracts with a cooling off period.

Sky has accepted that it breached the Consumer Information Regulations, and the company has paid the penalty of €117,000 in full.

ComReg investigated the manner in which Sky handled certain distance contracts entered into by existing Sky customers and whether such customers were afforded their right to a cooling off period and provided with a contract in a durable form.

Many broadband, mobile and TV customers engage with their service provider using the phone, or the internet/broadband. They do so typically to sign up for a service, renew their existing contracts for a service, or to upgrade/downgrade a service.

Distance contracts are treated in some ways differently in law than those concluded in-store and customers entering distance contracts have certain additional protections to reflect the fact that they are not physically present with the trader. By law, these customer has a right to a "cooling off" period of 14 days to withdraw from their contract.