Vodafone has had to pay €2.5 million to customers and a €250,000 penalty to ComReg over the manner in which it signed up pay-as-you-go customers to its ‘Red Roaming’ package.

ComReg deemed that the mobile operator breached contract change regulations.

On 9 March 2016 Vodafone changed its terms and conditions so that pay-as-you-go customers were automatically opted into ‘Red Roaming’.

ComReg found that the manner in which the company notified its pay-as-you-go customers of this contract change was not compliant with relevant provisions.

Vodafone accepted the breaches and said it has credited over €2,500,000 to those customers who did not benefit financially from being opted into ‘Red Roaming’ when they roamed.

The company has also confirmed it will not use such automatic opt-ins to contract changes in future.