Eight out of every ten (79.2%) broadband subscriptions had a speed of at least 10Mbps in the first quarter of this year, according to the latest quarterly report from the Commission for Communications Regulation.

This compares with 74.1% of subscriptions that had a minimum speed of 10Mbps in Q1 2016.

Over two thirds (67%) of subscriptions have a minimum speed of 30Mbps, which has risen from 58.1% in Q1 last year.

ComReg said the number of fixed broadband subscriptions rose by 0.9% to 1.373m in the first three months of 2017, while it estimates broadband penetration at 70.4%, up from 67.8% for the same period last year.

People are also speaking less on the phone than in the past, with total voice traffic minutes declining by 2.2% in Q1, while there has been a 2.7% annual drop-off.

The average mobile subscriber uses 210 voice minutes per month, while sending 87 text messages and using 3.7GB of data (+68.8% year-on-year).

Average revenue per user for mobile customers stood at €22.11 per month in Q1, falling by over €2 since January-March 2016.

ComReg also said there has been a slight rise in 4G usage, with 42.9% of all mobile customers actively using the service in Q1.