Virgin Media has been fined €255,000 for failing to give some customers a permanent record of their contract.

An investigation by the communications regulator, ComReg, found that 26,046 of the company’s customers who had signed up online or by phone had not been given their contract in a ‘durable form’ – such as in print or via email.

This is a breach of the Consumer Information Regulations 2013 which offers protections to customers who sign up to services via distance contracts.

Virgin Media has accepted the finding and said it would pay the penalty in full.

As part of its decision ComReg has required the company to communicate with affected customers and provide them with a permanent copy of their contract.

The firm must also inform customers that they have a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period, which would allow them to cancel their contract if they wish.

Virgin Media must also publish a statement on its website detailing its breach, while also showing the regulator that it put measures in place to avoid a reoccurrence of the issue.