Research and innovation are among the winners in this year's budget, securing a small increase on the funding allocations of last year.

Science Foundation Ireland has been given €154m, an increase of €9.46m on its 2014 allocation.

Enterprise Ireland's research activities are to receive a smaller boost of €2.83m next year, bringing its allocation to €113.43m.

According to the Department of Jobs the funding for Enterprise Ireland will, among other measures, support 100 innovative high-potential start-up companies, help academics win over €120m in research funding from the EU's Horizon 2020 programme, and fund 109 R&D projects for client companies.

SFI's allocation will be spent on a range of projects, including the funding of new major scientific centres, the training of over 3,000 researchers and in helping it to further develop its industry facing programmes.

Communications funding doesn't include broadband roll-out

The funding allocation for the Department of Communications next year does not include extra cash for the roll-out of broadband to rural areas. 

In its Budget statement, the Department re-iterated the Government's strong commitment to facilitating the expansion of commercial broadband provision.

It also said it was continuing to prepare to provide high speed broadband infrastructure to up to 700,000 homes and businesses which are otherwise unlikely to be served by commercial providers. 

However, a spokesperson said the capital funding necessary to carry out that rollout would not be considered until the budget for 2016.

Instead, the spokesperson said the priority in the coming year would be to finalise the implementation plan for the National Broadband Plan. 

Over the coming weeks, detailed maps are to be published which will show areas where commercial providers are in place or plan to provide services, and those where state intervention is required, the department said.

A public consultation on these maps will then take place, it said, with an intervention strategy to be published in the middle of this year.