Taoiseach Micheál Martin has said he agrees with British Prime Minister Liz Truss's view that there is no reason why the Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive should not be reestablished at Stormont now.

Yesterday, Ms Truss said there is no reason why the NI Executive cannot be reinstated immediately and the Stormont institutions should be operating while the negotiations and the progress of the Northern Ireland Protocol bill continue.

Speaking on his way into a Cabinet meeting, Mr Martin said: "We both jointly agree that the Executive should be back up and running. The mandate of the people should be fulfilled."

He said the EU and the UK government are commencing engagement on issues around the Northern Ireland Protocol, adding that the people of Northern Ireland deserve to have their elected representatives in the Assembly and Executive.

"I would call on that to happen and I would agree with the British Prime Minister in that regard."

Meanwhile, Northern Ireland's Agriculture Minister has said that Liz Truss knows the DUP's position on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

DUP MLA Edwin Poots said his party's position is reflective of all of unionism's position, in that no one accepts that the protocol is the way forward for Northern Ireland.

Technical talks on the protocol between the EU and the UK will resume this week.

The power-sharing institutions at Stormont have been dormant for months due to a DUP protest against the terms of the protocol, which created trade barriers on goods being shipped from Britain to Northern Ireland.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Mr Poots said the consequence of that "is that the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement was established on the basis of cross-community consent and that cross-community consent has not been achieved and therefore there will not be an Assembly and there will not be institutions of the Good Friday Agreement and whilst we have the protocol, the two things are incompatible".

He said if the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill goes through the House of Commons quickly, "that would be fantastic" but as it is now in the House of Lords, it could be delayed for months.

That is "entirely unacceptable and untenable position for us".

Mr Poots said there will not be a Stormont government "until this issue is resolved".

Edwin Poots said the NI Protocol Bill could be delayed for months

He added: "That's the circumstances we find ourselves in, and therefore whenever Ireland invites President (Joe) Biden to come over for the 25th anniversary of the Belfast Agreement in Easter next year, unless something radical happens and the EU decide to become a bit more realistic, then he'll be coming over to the funeral of the Good Friday Agreement, not to a celebration of its 25th anniversary."

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He said Ms Truss has not indicated that she will be rowing back on her threat to bring the new laws in to tear up the protocol.

"But the truth of all of this is the proof of the pudding is in the eating and we will want to see real and meaningful things happen before we allow that cross-community consent that is required for something as controversial as this."

Mr Poots said the DUP is resistant of the protocol because if there was full implementation of it as demanded by the European Union, food supplies would be impacted within 24 hours and within 72 hours there would be "empty shelves right across Northern Ireland".

He said the evidence of this is from the department veterinary team and logistics companies.

"The reality is we have a situation where Great Britain is being treated like Peru, but 75% of our goods is coming from Great Britain to Northern Ireland for the food that we import.

"Lorries are coming across with numerous different pieces of goods on them. And the system cannot sustain it."

He rejected what he called the "fallacy" that the Assembly operating fully would mean additional money to give to the Northern Ireland public, saying "there isn't this magic money tree sitting up at Stormont waiting to be spent to heat people's homes.

"That's just a fallacy that has been produced by parties who are critical of our stance on the protocol."