No more "feeling the Bern" but Sanders has lit a fire

Feeling the Bern. The slogan used by Bernie Sanders supporters this year and in 2016.

Both campaigns were to be extinguished for similar reasons.

Bernie Sanders suspends campaign for US presidency

Like four years ago, the Vermont senator failed to attract support from the African American community and from moderate Democrats.

Following victories in early primaries he was seen as a frontrunner but heavy defeats to his rival Joe Biden in larger states meant the end was nigh.

A candidate has to win delegates to win the nomination and Mr Biden was close to amassing an unbeatable delegate lead.

Bernie Sanders has said he will stay on the ballot in upcoming primaries so he can win more delegates and continue to have an influence on the Democratic establishment.

He has already left a big mark on the party with his progressive policies becoming part of the mainstream debate.

His popularity has shown the strength of the left-wing Democratic movement but it wasn't enough to secure the nomination.

Joe Biden was seen as more likely to defeat Donald Trump and seen as the safer pair of hands as the coronavirus crisis erupted.

Bernie Sanders' campaign was hit by the Covid-19 shutdown in other ways. He is an excellent public speaker but with rallies and gatherings cancelled he was unable to get his message across.

It wasn't to be his time on this occasion but Senator Sanders has laid the groundwork for a progressive candidate to emerge in future years.

The days of "feeling the Bern" may be over but a fire has been lit within the Democratic party that will last well beyond Election 2020.