The 90th Academy Awards will be held in Los Angeles on Sunday night with a number of Irish nominees among those shortlisted. 

Our Washington Correspondent Brian O’Donovan is in Hollywood where representatives from the Irish movie industry have gathered to market Ireland as a film destination.

From the outside it looked like a small, unremarkable bungalow but with our sat-nav revealing that it was perched above a large lake I couldn’t wait to get inside to see the views.

I wasn’t disappointed. The house sits high above Silver Lake Reservoir on the outskirts of Los Angeles. It descends for another three floors below street level. From the front it looks like a quaint cottage but inside it’s an ultra-modern LA mansion. 

The house also hides another secret and this was the reason we were there. It is the production office for a movie being shot in LA by an Irish production company.

We’re used to big Hollywood studios coming to Ireland to make movies but these days, the reverse is also the case.

Dublin-based Treasure Entertainment is preparing to film the final scenes of ‘Papi Chulo’ a movie that’s been shot entirely in LA.

Producer Rebecca O’Flanagan tells me: "The fact that an Irish production company has come here to LA to make a movie shows a certain maturation or the industry. It shows that we can break out and tell stories that aren’t Irish per se."

The audiovisual sector is worth around a billion euro a year to the Irish economy and employs more than 17,000 people.

The Irish are well represented at this year’s Academy Awards with nominations for acting, screen writing, animation and costume design. The Oscars provide a chance to market Ireland as a film destination.

Industry figures have come to Hollywood this week to make their pitch. I met James Hickey, the Chief Executive of the Irish Film Board in downtown LA.

He said; "This is a tremendous opportunity for us in terms of being able to go and talk to all the major player in terms of studios, streaming companies, sales agents and distributors. All the people that make decisions about where to locate production."

IDA Ireland also has staff in Hollywood this week trying to drum up investment for Ireland’s film and creative sectors. The IDA’s Barry O’Dowd tells me: "we’ve had two teams here marketing into the creative space this week. The message coming out of Ireland with our nominations has been really strong in terms of opening doors."

For a small country Ireland really does punch above its weight when it comes to the movie business. Frequently chosen as the location of blockbusters and TV shows, we also boast a long list of past Oscar winners and nominees.

From the outside, Ireland may look like that quaint cottage we visited high in the LA hills but just like that house, there are hidden depths. A closer look will reveal an industry that’s becoming an ever more relevant part of the Hollywood landscape.