The Government's Strategic Communications Unit (SCU) has irked the opposition in the Dáil from day one.

But detailed questions about its exact role and cost (€5m a year) did not land any piercing punches on Government.

Now, ironically after an elaborate, well-choreographed launch of a development plan for the country, Project 2040, the unit is under renewed focus.

Specifically it's the trumpeting of Project 2040 in local newspapers that is raising most questions.

There the plan was highlighted in advertisements that at first glance may have looked more akin to a regular news article.

Some articles featured candidates that will run for Fine Gael in the next election.

Questions around this have already been put to the Taoiseach in the Dáil.

Leo Varadkar pointed out this was a well trodden approach by Governments.

He even cited several examples of Fianna Fáil doing something similar during the party's time in government.

But the central political charge here remains. It is that Government used taxpayers' money, under the guise of the SCU, to promote - not just Project 2040 - but rather Fine Gael.

It's an accusation that senior civil servants are soon likely to be questioned about by the Oireachtas Communications Committee.

The campaign has also seen complaints lodged to the Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO) and the Advertising Standards Authority.

It all amounts to clear proof of one thing; this controversy is far from over.