Around 60% of employees are not experiencing a better work-life balance despite a shift to hybrid working, according to new research.

The "Breakthrough Study", published by Dell Technologies, found that over half of business leaders believe their staff are wrestling with burnout and/or poor mental health which is impacting their work.

Respondents highlighted the need for companies to clearly define their ongoing commitment to flexible work arrangements, equip leaders to effectively and equitably manage remote teams, and empower employees to choose their preferred working patterns.

More than half of those surveyed said they need their organisations to provide the necessary tools and infrastructure to work anywhere.

They also worry that their staff might be left behind because they do not have the right technology.

The survey of 200 business and IT leaders in Ireland reveals that 74% of respondents regard their people as their greatest asset in unlocking the potential of technology.

"While businesses need breakthrough technologies to transform, harnessing the potential of that technology relies on an engaged and innovative workforce," said Jason Ward, Vice-President and Managing Director at Dell Technologies Ireland.

"We've all seen how employees working remotely, and now in a hybrid format, have been crucial in driving businesses' momentum in the progress towards digital transformation," he said.

"This momentum might be lost if organisations fail to recognise their people’s drive for change and to build on the progress made," he added.