Garth Brooks has said he wants to return to perform in Ireland again in the future, saying playing here is "all he wants to do".

The country music superstar held a press conference this evening ahead of his fifth and final night playing at Croke Park in Dublin.

Garth Brooks hasn't decided "what form or fashion" his return would take.

"If it's The Point, I'm in. I just love this place. I just want to play here, it's all I want to do. If it's out in the middle of a field somewhere, I just want to play, because what you guys give an artist you can't get anywhere else on this planet," he said.

"Any chance to play here, I would love that."

A return could mean a tour around Ireland.

The star said he was "not sure about the park" and noted the approach Ed Sheeran took on his recent tour of Ireland.

'I don't mind coming to you'

After this week travelling around Ireland for the week, he told fans, "I don't mind coming to you, I think the people are fantastic".

"I don't know when we'll be back," he said, later adding, that "once you've tasted it, you can’t come back here quick enough, but you don’t want to wear people out".

He said the next time he returns, he "won't be here to play music" and that he plans on travelling around the country again.

Brooks described Dingle in Co Kerry as "gorgeous" and Limerick as "beautiful". His wife, fellow country music star Trisha Yearwood, briefly joined the press conference.

She told reporters that they had travelled through 11 counties this week, and that their favourite meal was at the Wicklow Heather restaurant in Laragh, Co Wicklow.

Ahead of tonight's gig, Garth Brooks said he wanted it to be the "cap of everything".

Garth Brooks also confirmed he was filming two separate documentaries while he was here in Ireland.

He said the first documents his journey from 1997, to his retirement and the failed 2014 Croke Park gigs to the present, and a second film is his Croke Park show itself, which he said was "done in a separate deal".

"Maybe they'll go together in the same streaming service or network," he said.