More than 1,000 Ukrainian refugees have been moved from student accommodation this week in Galway, Sligo, Dublin and Waterford.

Around 189 Ukrainian refugees are due to be moved to alternative locations around the country tomorrow.

They will be relocated to Gormanston; temporary facilities set up by local authorities; and pledged accommodation.

This includes B&Bs, rest centres, hotels and any other beds that the Department of Children and Equality can secure.

More moves will take place next week.

Around 5,000 Ukrainian refugees were housed in student dorms over the summer months.

That number has reduced to around 3,500 in the last number of weeks.

Students are returning to college in the coming weeks and alternative accommodation must be found for those who had been living in student facilities.

Organisations involved with helping to move refugees say it will be "challenging" to find alternative accommodation.

Irish Red Cross Secretary General Liam O’Dwyer has said there is a drive on at the moment in relation to moving people out of student dorms into pledged accommodation.

"It’s challenging for the organisations doing the moves and for the refugees and the pledgers," he said.

"Bringing people together is not always as straightforward as it appears but when it happens it is wonderful for both parties."