The number of HSE employees paid more €500,000 has doubled from three to six.

The figures are contained in the HSE annual report, which shows that the number of HSE workers paid more than €60,000 rose from 23,412 in 2020 to 24,699 last year.

However, the number paid more than €300,000 fell from 228 in 2020 to 69 last year.

On the score card for targets, the report says that the percentage of cancer patients who attended a rapid access breast, lung or prostate clinic within the recommended time was just over 60%, well short of the target of 95%.

However, it also found the number of women who have had a satisfactory cervical screening test under the National Screening Programme was 318,491, exceeding the target of 280,000.

On emergency department waiting lists, the report finds that 42.7% of patients who are 75 or older were admitted or discharged within six hours, well short of the target of 90%.

The figures for all emergency department patients admitted within six hours was 62.8% compared to a target of 70%.