Families affected by failings in the HSE-run South Kerry Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services are receiving details of a compensation scheme signed off by Government.

Junior Minister for Mental Health Mary Butler announced today that the scheme is proceeding and that it was signed off by Cabinet last week.

A review into the service was published in January. It examined the treatment of more than 1,300 young people over a four-year period.

It found that 240 children did not receive the correct treatment and significant harm was caused to 46 of them.

Families were written to late last week informing them of how to apply for the scheme.

The compensation will be negotiated individually through the State Claims Agency. The Government has not announced any figures attached to the scheme.

Families who are entitled to compensation will receive an opening payment of €5,000 to cover initial expenses.

The children and families involved can apply to the scheme via the HSE through their appointed solicitor.