Messaging platform WhatsApp has made further changes to its privacy policy for users in Ireland and across Europe following engagement with the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC).

The edits and clarifications to the privacy policy include updating links, clarifying and amplifying information for people who do not use WhatsApp.

It also clarifies some headings and adjusted translations and adds further detail to some existing information including retention and deletion practices.

Last year, WhatsApp was hit with a record fine of €225m after the DPC found it had breached data protection rules.

The company is appealing the ruling to the High Court here and to the European Court of Justice.

As part of its decision, the DPC ordered WhatsApp to fix issues with its privacy policy by taking a range of remedial actions.

The messaging service, which is owned by Facebook parent company Meta, updated its privacy policy in November and has today announced additional changes.

"Following further engagement with the Irish Data Protection Commission regarding its order in the transparency inquiry, we've made a small number of additional edits and clarifications to our November 2021 Privacy Policy for users in the European Region," a WhatsApp spokesperson said.

"This does not change how we operate our service, including how we process, use or share your data with anyone, including Meta."

"We are committed to user privacy and protect all personal calls and messages with end-to-end encryption, which means no one, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them," the spokesperson added.

The company said that the updates announced today will not change contractual agreements and that users will not be required to agree to anything or to take any action in order to continue using WhatsApp.