University of Limerick has sanctioned a number of students who have been officially reported and investigated and found to have broken the institution's code of conduct relating to the current Covid-19 restrictions.

In a statement, UL confirmed that a number of students have received sanctions ranging from academic probation to financial penalties following the public order incident that took place in the Castletroy area in early March.

Details of the sanctions for some students emerged in a report in The Limerick Voice newspaper published today by final year journalism students at UL

The university reiterated that "any breach of its code of conduct and/or public health restrictions will be investigated and will carry consequences".

It said the university continues to liaise and work with gardaí to "remind students of their personal responsibility to follow Government and institutional guidelines".

When a complaint is received by the university, it is assessed by the advocate and dealt with as deemed appropriate.

UL explained that the advocate is an independent officer who is empowered to investigate and prosecute complaints about alleged violations of the university's code of conduct by students.