Dublin Airport says it has not been decided whether taxis will have to pay new drop off and pick up charges. 

The daa also says it has not set a price for the new fees which will not be imposed while the pandemic lasts.

It is currently free to drop off intending passengers at departures in Dublin Airport but the daa points out that many other airports including Cork and Belfast do charge. 

In Cork it is free for the first 15 minutes but then €3 for up to 20 minutes and an increasing scale after that.

Dublin Airport has confirmed it has applied for planning permission to build toll booths and other infrastructure including changes to the road network, new exit lanes and barriers.

It wants to begin work on these changes while passenger numbers are low.

A daa spokesperson said that with the new system there will still be a free option whereby people can park in a new express section of the long term car park.

They will also have the option of parking in the short term car park for 30 minutes at a reduced fee, it is currently a minimum of €3 an hour.

The spokesperson said the charges are being introduced to encourage travel by public transport.