Dublin Airport plans to introduce charges for people who are collecting or dropping off passengers by car, after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The proposed new drop-off and pick-up zones will operate in front of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Works will begin shortly if the project receives approval from the planning authorities.

A spokesperson for Dublin Airport said the new system is aimed at reducing the number of car journeys to and from the airport and encouraging passengers to make greater use of public transport.

The revenue generated will be ring-fenced and "invested in a series of sustainability initiatives" at the airport.

It also confirmed that the new charges would not be introduced during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Paid drop-off and pick-up zones are already in use at other airports in Ireland, such as Cork and Belfast International.

A free drop-off and pick-up option will continue to be available by using a new dedicated area in the Express Red long-term car park.

A new "reduced fee" 30-minute parking period will also be introduced at Dublin Airport's short-term car parks, which are located beside the passenger terminals.

Last year, almost a third of people (32%) used private cars to access the airport. A further 32% of passengers made their journey to Dublin Airport by bus, while 21% took a taxi.

Currently, private cars are permitted to drop passengers in front of both terminals at Dublin Airport but they are not permitted to collect people from these locations.

However, the airport said the system has been "abused by some for several years, with cars illegally stopping to wait for pick-ups or circling the campus roads several times before they finally collect their party".

Modelling for the proposed new paid system indicates the dwell time at the new toll booths, which will accept toll tag, card and cash payments, will typically be less than 60 seconds. 

Dublin Airport, responding to a query on Twitter, said there would be special provision for people with reduced mobility.