The latest homeless figures show the numbers falling for the fifth consecutive month.

There were a total of 8,699 people sleeping in emergency accommodation in June which is 177 less than the previous month.

The numbers are now down by 1,572 since January - a reduction of 15% - and the number of homeless families is the lowest since August 2016.

The Quartery Progress Report was also published showing that 3,033 people had been brought out of homelessness in the first six months of the year which is a 7% increase on last year.

Minister for Housing Darragh O'Brien said the numbers, which consist 6,046 adults and 2,653 children, are still too high.

"One of my main priorities as Minister will be to accelerate the numbers of people exiting homelessness and to reduce the time that people spend in emergency accommodation.

"Improved delivery of social and affordable housing will be key but we will also be focusing on increasing the levels of supports to households with complex needs".

With 70% of homeless adults being single he said there will be an emphasis on securing one bedroom accommodation.