Irish feminist campaigner Mamo McDonald - who is 90 years old - is recovering in a nursing home after having contracted Covid-19.

The lifelong campaigner for women's rights and former President of the Irish Countrywomen’s Association (ICA) contracted Covid-19 but has come through it and is recuperating in St Anne’s Nursing Home in Ballybay, Co Monaghan. 

Speaking to RTÉ’s This Week programme by phone from the nursing home, Ms McDonald said she contracted Covid-19 in March. 

She said: "I am recovering. I came through it and I am feeling a lot better. 

"On the good days I feel great but not just as good on the wet days." 

She was honoured with a People of the Year award in 1999 for her services to Irish women and older people. 

Asked what advice she has for older people as over 70s are cocooning in their homes across Ireland, Ms McDonald said: "Keep their hearts up. And keep singing the songs of their own time. That will help them to weather through it. 

"They have fortitude in abundance and older people will manage. I think it is the young people that I would worry about more. They have got used to so much and there is not going to be so much now for them after this." 

Ms McDonald, who is also a former chairperson of the Age and Opportunity organisation, said her thoughts are with people who are cocooning. 

"Can you imagine people in apartments? With no outside space. Imagine what it must be like for them. People living in the countryside have an advantage, that they will be able to go for a bit of a walk now."