US Vice President Mike Pence has met US troops at Shannon Airport.

Mr Pence was in Shannon after his plane, Air Force Two, made a refuelling stop on its way back to the US from Italy.

The American troops were on their way to Iraq and were also in Shannon for a refuelling stop.

"You're going to be deployed to a part of the world that has seen some action," Mr Pence told the crowd. 

"But I can tell you ... Iran continues to stand down. I want to promise you, you’ll have the resources and support to accomplish your mission."

The US Vice President also spoke about his ancestral roots in Ireland and mentioned that he worked in an Irish pub when he was younger. 

Mike Pence visited Ireland in September last year.

His decision to stay at Donald Trump’s golf resort in Doonbeg, County Clare sparked controversy in the US with Democrats accusing him of funnelling American taxpayers’ money into a Trump business. 

Mr Pence defended the move, saying he has family connections in Doonbeg and that it was the logical place to stay.