The University of Limerick hopes to offer additional and cheaper on campus accommodation to students by giving them the option of doubling up in rented rooms.

UL said the introduction of twin rooms will add 630 extra beds to its existing on-campus offering in time for the new academic year this coming September.

There are currently 2,850 places available in on-campus accommodation at UL.

The university said a number of its existing single bedrooms will be retrofitted as twin, bringing the cost of accommodation down to between €3000 to €4250 per student. This fee includes utilities and UL sport membership.

The cheapest accommodation currently offered at on-campus or adjacent accommodation is currently €4,700, and that rises to almost €6,500 for one kind of housing. 

UL said it has experienced phenomenal growth in the past 12 years, with an almost 50% increase in student numbers from 11,500 to 16,300 in 2019.

Its Chief Operations Officer, Michael Foley, said it encountered significant demand for on campus accommodation last August.

In a statement the university said it hoped that this change would help to address the supply challenge in the short term, and also provide a more affordable cost option for parents.

UL has six student residences on or near its main campus. Some rooms in four of the six residences will be renovated as part of this change.