A new armed support unit to police the border region is to begin operations in Cavan-Monaghan.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has said the unit is to be staffed by gardaí taken from other armed support units until new members are fully trained to operate it.

The new unit is to be based in Cavan, and will complement the two other border-based armed units in Dundalk and Donegal.

Twenty gardaí from other armed support units including the southern region have been temporarily transferred to staff the border patrols.

Garda headquarters said it has "additional capacity" in the other units but is also training an extra 30 gardaí for full-time armed support duty.

The Garda Representative Association has welcomed the deployment, but says it is proof that the resources needed have not been provided for the border region for many years.

It said the deployment is necessary not only in the advent of Brexit but also because of the increase in cross-border criminality and dissident activity.

However, the association also said the establishment of the unit is long overdue and is proof that Garda headquarters is beginning to recognise the border region has not for some time been provided with the resources and manpower it requires.