The Labour Party will today finalise its red lines ahead of entering any future government after the next general election.

The Labour parliamentary party is meeting in Cork City ahead of the resumption of the Dáil next week. 

It is calling for a change in policy to tackle what it says is the country's great weakness - economic inequality.

That will be the priority for the next Dáil term, but the party is also casting an eye to the next election.

This morning, it will discuss what it would need to enter into a future coalition government.

It is likely to focus on moving to pay all workers a living wage and to create a fund to build 80,000 social and affordable homes on public land.

Free GP care for all under-18s is also among the party's aims.

However, Labour is urging Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe not to cut income tax in the next Budget and to invest any extra resources in public services.