The latest count of homeless rough sleepers in Dublin has found 128 people in the streets.

That is down on the winter count which found 156 people, but numbers usually decrease in the spring.

The latest figure is up 16% on last year’s spring count which found 110 people.

This year’s count was carried out on the night of 9 April by the Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE).

The DRHE says its purpose is to measure the effectiveness of emergency homeless provision.

 94 of the 128 individuals were discovered in the city centre.

75% were male, and 25% were female, excluding 5 people that could not be identified.

79% of people were Irish nationals, 21% were non-Irish nationals, excluding a total of 29 people whose nationality was not identified.

64% were between the ages of 31 and 50, excluding individuals whose ages were not identified. 

Eileen Gleeson, Director, DRHE said the decrease in numbers of rough sleepers was welcome.

However, she said the large number of people sleeping rough is still a serious concern.

She said the DRHE would continue to work through the Housing First Service to "engage with these people and work with them to access appropriate services".

The DRHE said it has added 250 permanent beds to the system.