A father and daughter have been jailed for five years for firing the same gun during a family row in which a six-month-old baby was shot in the legs.

49-year-old Dan Donovan and his 23-year-old daughter Charlene pleaded guilty to two firearms offences at Parslickstown Gardens, Mulhuddart in Dublin on 12 December of last year.

Dan Donovan also pleaded guilty to another charge of threatening to kill or cause serious harm to Michael Collins on the same date.

The shooting arose from a dispute between the Donovan and the Collins families, who were involved in a feud.

The families were living across from each other on 12 December 2017, and as the judge said in court today, both decided to take the law into their own hands.

The first shots were fired through the Donovan’s kitchen window and the father and daughter retaliated in kind.

Charlene Donovan first fired a shot across at people standing about four metres away across the road, injuring a 17-year-old man, the baby in his arms, and the infant's mother.

The 17-year-old was hit in the abdomen, the woman in the hip and wrist and the baby had surgery to remove shotgun pellets from his legs, but is awaiting further surgery to have the five remaining pellets removed.

Her father, Dan Donavan then came and took the gun from his daughter and threatened to "bury" Michael Collins before accidentally firing the gun into the ground at his feet.

When uniformed gardaí arrived on the scene they had to separate the two families. A sawn-off shot gun was later found hidden behind Dan Donovan's house.

In victim impact reports handed in to court, the child's mother said her baby can walk but is in constant pain. She said he sometimes wakes up with the pain and she has to massage his feet.

At Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, Judge Martin Nolan noted that the baby would have ongoing difficulties with his injuries.

"Whatever about the adults," he said "this child was completely blameless" and he jailed Dan and Charlene Donovan each for five years.

On hearing the sentence, Ms Donovan broke down in tears and was held by her father. Supporters of the family became upset in court but left quickly afterwards.