"A significant percentage" of Eir customers around the country have been left without broadband after a widespread outage today.

Eir said that its engineers are working to establish the cause of a Domain Name System problem which is blocking internet access to many of its customers.

The company said "a significant percentage" of its customers have been unable to access the internet through broadband and mobile services, and they are spread around the country.

Many of the customers have been without internet since this afternoon.

The company said there is no indication that the issue is a result of malicious action and that it cannot say yet when services will be fully restored.

The outage is affecting customers in all corners of the country.

The company's customer care Twitter page has confirmed that the company has received multiple reports from customers and that it was investigating the matter.

It described the issue as a "DNS [Domain Name System] outage", and said that there is no timeframe for a restoration of services.

Eir has apologised to customers for the inconvenience.

Additional reporting by Colman O'Sullivan