The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment has indicated that the Government will not intervene in EirGrid's plans to build the North-South Interconnector using overhead power lines for the whole length of the route.

In a statement issued to RTÉ News, the department said: "It is now to be expected that EirGrid and ESB Networks will go about their operational business in accordance with their statutory remit.

"In this work, neither Minister Naughten nor the Government has any function."

This follows a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday where the Government considered two reports commissioned by Minister for Communications Denis Naughten.

The report on the technical feasibility and cost of going underground recommended the overhead line option.

EirGrid has restated that it plans to proceed with the overhead line option.

Tuesday's Cabinet meeting also noted that the 2012 Government Policy Statement on the Strategic Importance of Transmission and Other Energy Infrastructure states: "Government does not seek to direct EirGrid and ESB Networks or other energy infrastructure developers to particular sites or technologies."