Ambulance personnel belonging to the Psychiatric Nurses Association are to commence a work-to-rule on 10 October in a dispute over union subscriptions.

The 1,800 personnel in the National Ambulance Service were traditionally represented by SIPTU - but some years ago, around 500 broke away to join NASRA - a branch of the PNA.

The HSE has refused to deduct their union subscriptions through the payroll system and remit them to the PNA/NASRA because it says SIPTU is the only union with negotiating rights for the grade.

A previous planned strike was deferred after the HSE threatened to seek a court injunction to prevent it.

Today the PNA wrote to the HSE confirming that the ballot overwhelmingly supporting industrial action was carried out because of the employer's refusal to deduct union subscriptions at source, and to recognise or enter into negotiations with the PNA in representing the interests of ambulance personnel.

The campaign of industrial action commencing at 7am on 10 October will include standing down ambulance vehicles which do not comply with Vehicle Daily Inspections, that are not roadworthy, or are not in compliance with health and safety legislation or the NSE Ambulance Drugs Policy.

In addition, members will refuse to use any of their personal equipment or technology for work purposes unless they are receiving an allowance for doing so.

Members who are not in possession of full uniform and personal protection equipment which is free from contamination will stand down - and will only commence their duty at their official roster time.

The PNA says it is available to meet to resolve the dispute, or to agree contingency arrangements. 

A response has been requested from the HSE.