The Dáil debate on the Judicial Appointments Commission Bill 2017 has adjourned for the night but TDs will have to come back and debate the controversial bill next week.

Despite tonight's debate continuing for almost five hours, the report stage debate still has some way to go before it draws to a conclusion.

TDs have tabled 105 amendments to the legislation, which has been referred to as "a dog's dinner" by the Attorney General Seamus Woulfe.

Tonight a group of opposition TDs from the Rural Independent Group repeatedly called for TDs to vote on proposed amendments to the legislation, in what some TDs will view as an attempt to delay the progress of the bill.

The bill has been spearheaded by transport minister Shane Ross, through the Oireachtas.

When the Dáil adjourned tonight, TDs had voted on Amendment 37 at Report Stage.

The Dáil has adjourned until tomorrow at 10.30am.