The Cabinet is to consider new proposals to lower the legal alcohol limits for train and tram drivers.

Minister for Transport Shane Ross will bring to Government a general outline of the Railway Safety Amendment Bill.

The legal limit for professional drivers is 20mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood.

However, over the last decade or more the law has not been updated for rail drivers, which means the threshold for this group is four times higher at present.

However, Minister Ross's new bill will change that and bring the limits into line with other full-time drivers.

The proposed legislation will also allow for the drug testing of rail drivers.

This system will be along the same lines as the one introduced last year to test motorists.

Planned new rules around drink-driving may be up for discussion in the Dáil again this week.

The Road Traffic Amendment Bill proposes to introduce a mandatory driving ban for first-time offenders.

Its passage has been delayed due to strong objections from some TDs within the Rural Independent Group.

This legislation will possibly make it on to the Dáil agenda again later in the week.

But first the Dáil will have to work through another bill championed by Minister Ross - the Judicial Appointments Bill, which would change the way judges are selected for office.