Scouting Ireland has told its members that it is working to resolve issues after the Government withdrew funding from the organisation following controversy over its handling of a rape allegation. 

At the organisation’s national council members were also told that there are enough reserves to run the organisation for the next two to three months but it was not clear what would happen beyond that time.

In a statement Scouting Ireland said it would deliver a response to Katherine Zappone by Monday morning and that it would request a meeting with the minister to discuss the issues.

Following a request by a delegate to discuss the issues which were not on the agenda for today’s annual meeting, the board told the 900 delegates that it was bringing forward its next national council to June to deal with governance issues.

The organisation also reiterated its commitment to child and adult protection.

Labour councillor Dermot Lacey who was the delegate that raised the issue said he was satisfied with the response. 

The meeting also heard criticisms about the leaking of information to the media saying that it was a breach of scouts promise and law.

The council concluded with the announcement that Chief Scout Christy McCann was re-elected unopposed. 

Most of the delegates leaving the meeting would not comment on recent events with some saying they had been instructed by Scouting Ireland not to speak to the media.

One delegate, Brian Mannion who is county secretary of Liffey West, said the national management committee needed to get in touch with the minister and seek to bring the funding forward again once the safeguards have been met and she’s happy with the governance. 

He said he believes that scouting Ireland will do its best to deal with issues going forward.