The CEO of Safe Ireland has said she believes George Hook's position at Newstalk radio is untenable following controversial remarks he made last week relating to a rape case.

The remarks, which related to a rape case in the UK, caused widespread condemnation.

Mr Hook has apologised for the comments and said it was "unacceptable to suggest that blame could be attributed to victims of rape".

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Sharon O'Halloran said his apology is welcome, but you have to question if it is too late.

She said damage has been done as a result of a "key leader on a national broadcaster saying what he did say last Friday".

She said that he "doesn't stand alone in his opinions" and there is a need to work much harder to change the culture in Ireland to address this issue.

Ms O'Halloran said 10% of women who experience sexual violence are reporting it, so she said they are afraid to come forward because they feel they will not be believed.

She said such comments can have "a detrimental effect" on victims of sexual abuse.

Up to 20 members of staff at Newstalk are understood to have drafted a letter of protest in relation to Mr Hook's remarks, and asked that he be taken off air.