Up to 20 members of staff at Newstalk are understood to have drafted a letter of protest in relation to remarks made by George Hook on his radio show, and asked that he be taken off air.

The remarks, which related to a rape case in the UK, caused widespread condemnation from groups, including the National Womens Council of Ireland.

The Dalata Hotel group which sponsored Mr Hook's High Noon programme ended its commercial relationship with the radio station.

Mr Hook had apologised on Twitter for the comments and said it was "unacceptable to suggest that blame could be attributed to victims of rape."

However it is understood that up to 20 members of staff including producers, researchers and presenters at Newstalk drafted a letter of complaint about the remarks, and called for Mr Hook to be taken off air.

It is thought this letter, which has been seen by RTÉ News, was not formally handed to management.

A spokesman for Newstalk has said that a process to respond to the situation is ongoing since Friday and is expected to conclude shortly.

The text of the letter, as seen by RTÉ News, is as follows:

"We the undersigned wish to express our utter repudiation of the views expressed by George Hook on High Noon last Friday. 

We also wish to express our profound disappointment with management in Communicorp at their failure to deal with this issue swiftly and decisively. The longer George Hook remains on air, the more reputational damage this station will suffer: damage that will unfairly reflect on the hardworking and professional staff at Newstalk.

Misogyny should never be normalised, and we call upon management at Communicorp to defend the reputation of the station and the reputation of the staff at Newstalk by removing Mr Hook."