The Chief Executive of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre has said media outlets should develop guidelines on how to deal with the topic of rape.

Noeline Blackwell was speaking on RTÉ's This Week about comments Newstalk presenter George Hook made on Friday.

Mr Hook made a number of controversial remarks relating to an ongoing rape case in the UK during his High Noon programme.

Ms Blackwell said the presenter's comments reflected an attitude that is waning in Irish society.

However, she said that Mr Hook had to be "called out" on the comments because "people are outraged and we in the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre are outraged".

She added that rape victims may have been discouraged from coming forward due to Mr Hook's comments.

"A lot of times we would have people coming to us saying it has taken us days, weeks, months to say it," she said. 

"In a case where somebody might be questioned about why it happened to them, that they might be blamed for being part of the crime rather than the victim of the crime, in those cases it might restrict some people in coming forward."

Ms Blackwell said she wanted to remind people "that it is not your fault".

"Rape doesn't happen because of what you're wearing, because of the amount you've had to drink - rape happens because somebody has sex with you without your consent.

"Rape is only caused by rapists carrying out these offences and these criminal acts," she added.

Yesterday Newstalk issued an unreserved apology for Mr Hook's comments.

Managing Editor, Patricia Monahan said the comments made were "totally wrong and inappropriate and should never have been made."

Mr Hook has also apologised for the remarks, saying: "I wish to apologise unreservedly for comments I made about rape on my radio programme on Newstalk.

"It was unacceptable to suggest in any way that blame could be attributed to victims of rape. I apologise for the comments which caused hurt and offence, and for this I am truly sorry."

The leader of the Labour Party said Mr Hook's comments were depressing and unacceptable.

Speaking at his party's think-in in Co Kildare, Brendan Howlin welcomed the speedy apology.