The parents of a 15-year-old girl who assaulted her after she posted nude pictures of herself on social media have been given five-month suspended jail sentences by the District Court in Cork.

The girl's parents both entered guilty pleas to the charges, although their solicitor said they disputed certain aspects of the case put forward by the prosecution.

Defence solicitor Leo Murphy said the parents were motivated by a desire to protect their daughter from putting herself in a vulnerable position, by posting nude pictures of herself on Facebook.

He said the parents had become concerned about substance abuse, promiscuity and self-harm by their daughter.

Judge Olann Kelleher described the case as very sad.

He heard from Inspector John Deasy that there was a footprint on the girl's face.

The assaults occurred when the girl's father found her using her phone when she had been told not to use it.

She alleged that he pulled her hair and kicked her on the ground when he tried to get the phone from her. The father denied kicking the teenager.

The girl left the house but was later returned to the family home by her mother who assaulted her.

Imposing five-month suspended jail sentences on both the mother and the father, Judge Kelleher said he had to take the assaults seriously.

The parties in the case have not been named to protect the girl's identity.