A French court has said Paris Match magazine's publication of graphic pictures of last year's Bastille day attack in Nice was "obscene" and barred it from putting them on its website.

However, the court did not heed calls to remove the magazine from news stands.

Paris Match defended its decision to publish the images, including ones showing a truck ploughing into the crowd where 86 people were killed and hundreds injured, saying they were meant to inform the public and ensure the victims were not forgotten.

But in an emergency ruling responding to the Paris prosecutor's call for the magazine to be pulled from sale, the court said the pictures were "obscene for showing victims running away to try and escape death or about to die".

Eric Morain, a lawyer for several victims' associations, said the images were "an insult to the victims' dignity".

Other pictures in the magazine's latest edition show the bloodied body of 31-year-old Tunisian extremist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel in the cab of his hired truck, a 'selfie' he took on the afternoon of the attack at the spot it was to happen, and another taken at the same site some months earlier.

The court said ordering physical copies of the magazine to be pulled from sale would not be an "efficient measure".

President Emmanuel Macron will be in Nice today for a ceremony remembering the first anniversary of the attack.

The government has been criticised for not doing enough to help the victims.