Officials from the Department of Transport have told US representatives that preclearance arrangements in Dublin and Shannon should remain, on the basis that it is a valuable service for Ireland.

The Taoiseach last month ordered a review of preclearance in the wake of controversy over the Trump administration's ban on some refugees entering the US.

That executive order has since been overturned but it was implemented at Dublin and Shannon airports for a few days.

In a statement, the Department said the Irish side restated that the Government had expressed its disagreement with the policies underpinning US President Donald Trump’s recent executive orders on immigration.

The statement added that these views had been communicated to the US authorities through diplomatic channels.

The US side advised that consideration was being given to the issue of another Executive Order in the coming days.

It is understood the meeting was brought forward by at least a month to address concerns.

Preclearance was used last year by 1.18 million people in Dublin and 204,000 people in Shannon.