A shortage of cyber security experts could be damaging Ireland's aspirations to become a world leading tech centre.

Research by recruitment website Indeed found demand for cyber-security professionals in Ireland far exceeds supply.

The study found Ireland has the second highest number of open positions in the area of cyber-security around the globe, after Israel.

The number of unfilled roles in the sector rose more than 40%, driven by the growth of the sector in Ireland and the rise in the threat levels.

Demand for professionals far outstripped the supply in particular segments of the market including cloud security and app security.

Professionals with network security experience are the most sought after of all, Indeed says.

However, there are positive signs that progress is being made in efforts to fill the gap, with 39% of demand for such skills being met last year, as opposed to 25% two years earlier.

"The threat of cyber attack is a significant risk for Ireland, given it is one of the most dynamic technology and business hubs in Europe," said Indeed EMEA economist Mariano Mamertino.

"As cyber attacks increase in scale and sophistication, Ireland employers are racing to recruit the right staff to protect their business."

"Ireland has made some progress in closing its skills gap, but addressing the chronic shortage of IT professionals is a major priority in order to continue to attract business and investment."