The Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors has recommended its members accept the Labour Court recommendations on garda pay.

The decision which was unanimous was made at a meeting of the AGSI's Central executive committee.

The AGSI represents 2,080 middle-ranking gardaí.

In a statement, the association said it will hold an information seminar for its 31 Branch Committees on 21 November, with a ballot to be issued on 23 November.

The outcome of that ballot is expected to be known early in December.

No industrial action will take place as a result of the impending ballot.

Meanwhile, the General Secretary of the Garda Representative Association, which represents rank and file gardaí, has survived a vote of no confidence.

The motion was moved by delegates following criticism of the decision last week to exempt garda units from industrial action without consulting the Central Executive Committee.

The executive rejected the motion by 25 votes to 16.

General Secretary Pat Ennis has been in the job for less than three months.

His position was ratified on 31 August.

The GRA deferred its planned series of four strike days pending the outcome of a ballot of its members on Labour Court proposals on garda pay.