Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the Opposition have agreed to set up a Commission of Investigation into the National Asset Management Agency's sale of its Northern Irish loans.

Project Eagle is the name given to the Northern Ireland property-loans portfolio that NAMA controversially sold in April 2014 to Cerberus, a US company, for about £1.3bn.

The module will examine issues including valuations, disposal strategy, handling of conflicts of interest and interactions with the Minister for Finance and Northern Ireland authorities.

Further modules can then be added.

A final report is due at the end of 2017 and an interim report is expected within three months.

The Taoiseach also met the Opposition leaders on the progress of securing documents from the British government in relation to the Dublin-Monaghan bombings.

Concern was expressed about the progress that was being made in securing documents from the British government.

It is understood officials from both governments will look at selective documents.

At the meeting it was agreed to get legal advice on the Irish Government's options.

It was also agreed that a group of TDs may visit London to discuss the matter with British politicians.