A new search is taking place in Co Tyrone for the remains of Arlene Arkinson, who has been missing for 22 years.

The PSNI have called in a specialist team to help examine a site, one mile from Castlederg, close to a road the 15-year-old travelled in 1994.

A farmer alerted them after he discovered disturbed earth and stones on land in a remote area.

At this stage there is no evidence to link the site to Ms Arkinson.

Detective Chief Superintendent Raymond Murray, head of Serious Crime Branch, said: "The family of Arlene Arkinson have been advised of this development purely as a precautionary measure.

"It would be premature to draw any inference from this initial report or the police response to it at this time."

Ms Arkinson left from her home in Castlederg to go to a disco over the border in Bundoran, Co Donegal and her family never saw her again.

She was in the company of a middle-aged man, Robert Howard, a native of Co Laois.

He would later be jailed for the rape and murder of a teenager in London.

He was bought back to Northern Ireland in 2005 and tried for Ms Arkinson's murder.

In a controversial case the jury in Belfast was not told of his history of sexual violence and he was acquitted.

Howard died of natural causes in a Durham jail last year.

Despite numerous searches, Ms Arkinson’s body has never been found.

Her sister was angry with the authorities when two searches were carried out at her property - one in 1996 and a second in 2002.