A review of prosecutions in relation to all fixed charge motoring offences has been announced.

Gardaí made the announcement this evening in a statement saying it had been "discovered" some motorists had been prosecuted even though they had paid the fixed penalty fines.

Since December 2014 driving without a valid NCT Certificate became a fixed charge offence.

However, the gardaí issued a statement this evening saying it discovered that prosecutions have been taken for the offence of having no NCT where a fixed charge had been issued but the car owner had paid their fixed charge. 

The gardaí said they are now reviewing all prosecutions in relation to fixed charge offences.

They said this will establish the full extent of the issue to prevent this happening again and to address the consequences of any incorrect prosecutions. 

In the statement, gardaí said district officers had been instructed that they should withdraw any cases due before the courts where the issue arises.

Consultation with the Director of Public Prosecutions will take place "to bring any matters to the attention of the courts as required".

RTÉ could not reach An Garda Síochána for comment on the matter this evening, but in a statement the force said it "regretted any inconvenience caused" and that all appropriate action was being taken to remedy matters.

Gardaí said they will notify those affected in writing.