The National Child and Family Agency Tusla says it has yet to receive clarification as to whether any of its current staff were involved in decisions to leave an intellectually disabled woman known as 'Grace' in a foster home setting around which risks were raised.

Despite allegations of physical and sexual abuse against a person in the foster care setting being raised in the mid-1990's, 'Grace' remained in that setting until 2009 before legal steps were taken to remove her by a voluntary service provider.

Following issues around 'Grace's care being raised at the public accounts committee, specifically where staff who had dealt with her care now worked, the HSE delivered a copy of a 2012 report on the matter Tusla.

However, in a statement to RTÉ's This Week, Tusla told the programme that it had only received an anonymised version of the report, which was compiled by management consultant Conal Devine for the HSE.

Tusla told RTÉ "the [copy of the Conal Devine] report received by Tusla refers to the posts involved in Grace's case but does not specify names.

"Following the comments made by the HSE in front of the Public Accounts Committee, Tusla requested the names of any individuals involved in the case who are now working in Tusla. 

Tusla has not yet received a response from the HSE."

The HSE says it is seeking legal advice before passing on the information requested by Tusla.

In a statement to This Week, the HSE said: "The Conal Devine and Reliance Reports, with permission of An Garda Síochána given and in line with legal advice have been provided to Tusla.

The statement said some additional information has been sought this week by Tusla and the HSE through its legal advisors is consulting with An Garda Síochána on whether the additional information can be provided in the context of the live Garda Investigation.