Former Anglo Irish Bank CEO David Drumm has failed in a second attempt to be released on bail pending his US extradition hearing in March.

However, a Boston court judge requested that legal orders be issued to secure Mr Drumm's safety in prison, following complaints that he was being held in "intolerable and inhumane" conditions.

Mr Drumm has been held in custody for three months since he was arrested at his Massachusetts home in October after an extradition request from Ireland.

He is wanted to face 33 charges before the Irish courts relating to his time in charge of Anglo Irish Bank.

He was originally refused bail in December but appealed that decision during a hearing in Boston last Friday.

Late yesterday, a second judge again refused him bail, saying the original judge had made "no reversible error", and agreeing that Mr Drumm did not have any "special circumstances" that merited a release on bail.

Mr Drumm had also claimed that he was being held in "intolerable and inhumane" conditions that posed risks to his safety and hindered his ability to consult his lawyers and prepare for his extradition hearing.

Judge Richard Stearns said that he could not be certain these issues had yet been resolved and so requested that judicial orders be made to ensure they were.

His extradition hearing is currently set for 1 March.