The Government's special rapporteur on child protection has recommended the minimum wage should be paid to all workers aged under the age of 18.

Currently under 18s are only guaranteed 70% of the wage that is set to be increased to €9.15 an hour in January.

The latest report by Geoffery Shannon, which has been seen by RTÉ News, makes several key recommendations to improve child welfare.

Mr Shannon said the current wage situation "constitutes unjust discrimination" and needs to be addressed.

In this his eight report for Government, Mr Shannon is also very critical of what he calls the State's "bureaucratic obstacles."

These are sometimes placed in the path of children with disabilities when they try to access services.

He says services are not rights based and this should change.

As the moment services are at the discretion of schools and other providers, he says.

Mr Shannon also wants the law changed so the Garda Vetting Unit will have to seek information from foreign police authorities if a person has lived outside the country.

The Vetting unit are not legally required to this at the moment.