A 31-year-old man is being questioned about an attack on a female judge in a Dublin courthouse.

Judge Miriam Walsh was taken to hospital after she was attacked during a hearing at the family law courts at Dolphin House.

She was hearing evidence in relation to a case where a safety order was being sought.

The judge was struck a number of times in the face and stomach and taken to St James Hospital.

Gardaí intervened and arrested a man at the scene in relation to an assault causing serious harm.

He is being detained at Pearse Street Garda Station where he can be questioned for up to 24 hours.

The judge, who was only appointed earlier this year, has since been discharged from hospital and taken home.

The courts service said security systems at the courthouse were operational.

Chairman of the Council of the Bar of Ireland David Barniville has condemned the attack as deplorable.

David Barniville said: "Judges are impartial decision makers whose work is driven by the pursuit of justice, for all members of society. 

"The physical attack on Judge Walsh today is an affront to justice. It is a new low, and one that I hope will never be repeated.

Mr Barniville added that the incident highlights the great importance of appropriate facilities and security in our courts.

"There must be a thorough investigation into the circumstances under which Judge Walsh could be attacked in this deplorable way.

"It is important the appropriate measures and facilities are afforded to the justice system, for the protection of both the judiciary and legal professionals, as well as members of the public attending the court."