A car used by the dissident republicans who tried to kill two PSNI officers in Belfast on Thursday night was stolen in Co Meath.

The stolen BMW, used by the gang to escape from the scene of the attack, was found burned out in a nearby housing estate.

A dissident group, that calls itself the IRA, has claimed responsibility for Thursday night's attack in West Belfast. 

It did so in a statement to the Belfast-based paper, the Irish News, using a recognised code word.

An AK47 assault rifle was used to fire several shots at a PSNI car from a range of around 100 metres.

The bullet-proof glass and reinforced panelling, protected the two officers sitting in the car. 

There had been a police presence in the West Belfast estate for a number of days following an unrelated incident when a member of the Travelling Community had been shot and seriously injured. 

It's understood that after the Thursday night attack, one of the gunmen calmly picked up spent shells before making his escape in a waiting car.

Now new information has emerged about that Black BMW that was later found, burnt out in a nearby estate.

It had false Cork registration places of 05 C 24772.

The PSNI said the vehicle had been stolen in Ashbourne, Co Meath, on 7 September, over 11 weeks before the shooting and had a genuine registration of 05 LH 5364.

They have appealed to anyone with information about the movements of the car to contact the PSNI or the gardaí.

This development comes just a week after the Irish and British governments and Northern Ireland's power-sharing executive agreed to take a series of initiatives on cross-border crime.

A meeting about this is due to take place between the three administrations next month.