Ireland's largest mobile provider, Vodafone, received 7,973 requests from authorities last year for communications related data on its users.

The figure is contained in Vodafone's latest global law enforcement disclosure report for 2014, published today.

Communications related data is the metadata sent and received by mobile devices, including call duration, location and destination.

The report also states that Vodafone is unable to disclose the number of times it facilitated the authorities here to carry out lawful real-time interception of communication or wiretapping on its network.

The company says that prior to the publication of its first report last year, it approached the authorities here to seek clarity on whether it could disclose statistics related to lawful interception demands. 

According to Vodafone, the authorities instructed it at that stage not to disclose this information.

The company says it subsequently engaged extensively throughout last year and this year with the Government to discuss whether or not the information could be published by the authorities themselves or if not by Vodafone and other operators. 

But Vodafone says the Government has again informed it that it cannot disclose this information.