The High Court has ordered the arrest of up to 20 people believed to be occupying properties at Grangegorman in Dublin in breach of a court order.

Mr Justice Paul Gilligan said the occupiers of a number of properties at Grangegorman are in breach of a court order to vacate the buildings by 4 May.

The judge also imposed a 14-day prison sentence on one of the occupiers, who had asked the court for more time to enable him to bring an appeal to the Supreme Court.

The properties at Lower Grangegorman and North Brunswick Street have been home to a number of people for the past two years.

They have set up a garden to grow food and have a café and art gallery.

The residents say it is community housing and want time to prepare an offer to buy the property.

A receiver was appointed by NAMA so the buildings could be sold to pay-off a debt of €21m owed by businessman Paschal Conroy.

In March the High Court ordered the properties be vacated and an appeal against that order was struck out by the Court of Appeal.

In court today Stephen Bedford, who represented himself, said he had not yet vacated the premises because he wanted time to bring an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Mr Bedford said he had made an immense effort to engage with the court and did not feel he was in contempt.

He said the residents, who are part of group known as the Grangegorman Community Collective, had a potential investor and needed time to prepare an offer for the receiver whom he claimed had refused to negotiate with them.

He also said there were grave health and safety concerns for the residents due to the actions of a security firm engaged by the receiver who he claimed had "aggressively" attacked a resident and tried to "force an eviction" before any court order was in place.

He said the residents had not had enough time to seek legal advice or prepare a defence and needed more time.

Mr Justice Gilligan said Mr Bedford was only entitled to represent himself. 

He told another man, Greum Na Hearadh, that he was not entitled to represent the group of unnamed persons and could only represent himself.

The judge made no order against Mr Na Hearadh who is no longer residing there.

However, he said Mr Bedford was in breach of the court order and therefore in contempt of court and should serve 14 days in prison unless he purges his contempt by vacating the premises.

The judge said he was satisfied that notices of the earlier court order had been widely distributed and properly served.

He said anyone with knowledge of the order who remains on site was was in breach of the order and he was directing the gardaí that they be be arrested and brought to court.